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Talent Training and Development

    Haisheng Group sticks to the long-term effective training and development program, and also launches the effective training program for the new business. The training and development program includes general types of training and contents about different business sections, management thinking etc. covering every aspects, every position.

       Haisheng Group has its uniqueness in talent training and development offering relative rich training for staff, for example, HMTS, Green Apple, and so on.

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    The agricultural section of Haisheng has a fast run in 2015. In this period, the planting bases had a significant growth in number as well as planting species by newly added strawberry, blueberry, ra...
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    The second phase of HMTS began in Dangshan Haisheng in Feb 26, 2012, where 108 employees gathered from 11 subsidiaries from Haisheng Group. They came for the same goal: receive the best welfare...
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    Seven days orientation training program have been designed for the fresh graduates joinning Haisheng. It will help those new employees faster know and integrate into the company and quickly complete...
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  • Haisheng Group Middle level training

    Haisheng Group Middle level training

    The first section of Haisheng Group Middle level training began in Yige Business Hotel in June, 2, 2012, and there are 40 managers joined this training. This training class invited Mr. Zhao&#...
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