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Haisheng Group was founded in 1996, and titled with National Leading Enterprise for Agriculture Industrialization in 2002. In 2005, its belonging company “China Haisheng Juice Holding Co., Ltd” was listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited in red chips with stock code HK00359. It is the first company in Shaanxi Province listed on Hong Kong main board market. Since 2012, Haisheng Group determined strategy to create a superior brand in the field of China high-end fruit and vegetable market, and committed to the integration of whole industry-chain development with business scope ranging from nursery, modern cropping, warehousing logistics, fresh sales, deep processing in diversified product, modern agriculture tourism and ...
Haisheng Group’s fruit processing division, which stepped into apple juice concentrate industry in 1996, is the largest juice concentrate producer and exporter in the world now. Now Haisheng group has laid 10 factories in Chinese main apple production-area of 6 provinces, with its capacity of annual processing fruit 2.8 million ton per year. Products ranged from concentrate juice of apple, pear, sweet potato and strawberry, essence, pectin and other delicate deep processing products, as well as own branded juice beverage and cider in end market. Currently Haisheng Group's products are sold in more than 30 countries worldwide, with a long term stable and strategic relationship of foreign and domestic’s food and drink industri...
At the same time, combined with its own superiority and advantage, Haisheng Group develops agricultural tourism. In accordance with local planting model, Group develops special touring and travelling catering industry and establish theme park in multi-area. Through increasingly improved industrial chain, Group strives to develop fresh sales and drink market, create the brands such like “Eden view”, “Mitchgla”, “Naturalism”, ”finger licking Sweetheart”, ”Mummy story”, “ C Fruit Language”, “Chorle”, which have been deeply welcomed by customers. Group has built 8 sale areas in domestic market, covering northwest, southwest, north China, south China, middle China, east China. Group strives to develop traditional approaches such...