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Facility Agriculture Division

Facility agriculture
  • Glasshouse

    The world top modern facility agriculture project - monomer 50,000 square meters of modern intelligent glass greenhouse project will be completed in Tongchuan, which could produce high quality products in the second half of 2016.
  • Modernization

    With the all-round development of low-carbon society, energy conservation and emissions reduction tasks become more difficult, Haisheng intelligent glass greenhouse project effectively solves the energy problem, which is a comprehensive use of advanced technology, reasonable and effective integration of resources, is a modern agricultural project which uses modern management means.
  • Truss Tomato Cultivation

    By introducing excellent germplasm resources from Europe, the tomatoes grow into strings like grapes.
  • Modern agriculture
  • Sorting Line
    We purchase the Netherlands GREEFA GeoSort CDZ 95 6 apple grading packing line which is the world's most advanced equipment currently in the field. Through feeding, cleaning, separation, classification, sorting, packaging, and a series of processes such as automatic stacking, t he equipment uses highly automated mode to complete the apple from the fruit picking to commercial fruit processing work.
  • Modernization Agricultural Mac...
    Modern orchard management with fully mechanized operation Shortens the plant protection cycle, improves the production of orchard per mu yield, reduces the operating costs, and improves the economic benefit.
  • Drip Irrigation
    By introducing the most advanced irrigation equipment, it realizes the integration of water into fertilizer with automatic intelligent control, scientific water-fertilizer management, and maximize reduces costs to improve business efficiency.
  • Soilless Culture
    We establishes a 50,000 square meters glass greenhouse in Tongchuan City, Shaanxi, which integrates temperature, light, water, fertilizer, gas, wet, artificial, logistics and other eight elements into the intelligent system. With all equipments imported from top intelligent greenhouse technology in Netherlands, including environmental control, logistics and management technology, we realize 100% artificial intelligence control. According to different growth situation of the plants, it could automatically control the water-fertilizer for crop growth. Also it can realize artificial automatic management, monitor artificial recovery efficiency, and realize the agricultural labor input control.
  • Seedling
    Our nurseries use imported planting machine, spray insecticide, seedling lifter, sawdust machine and other advanced mechanical equipments, in order to realize mechanization operation.